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Introducing the Nexus!

Hello everyone! We are happy to share that the development of Dream Tactics is progressing smoothly, and we are on schedule for the game’s release at the end of the year. As well, we want to express our thanks to all the players who took the time to try out the demo and provide us with feedback. Your input has been very much appreciated, and we have already finished implementing a few popular suggestions.

In this update, we want to talk about one of the unique and exciting features of Dream Tactics: The Nexus.

The Nexus lies deep within the heart of the Dream World, granting players quick passage to a wide variety of different areas. At its very centre, a crystal known as the Core radiates with energy, acting as the world’s foundation and providing it with life.

On Neru’s quest to save the Dream World, she must use the Nexus to travel to four different areas, each with their own story, items, and unlockable party members. What makes this especially exciting, however, is that these areas can be attempted in any order! For example, one player may start their journey in the Coral Oasis, while another may start in the Empire of Ashguard. Each of these players will experience the game differently, as all items, cards, and unlockable party members are unique to each world.

Of course, at any point in the adventure, players can return to the Nexus and choose another area if they find one of them too challenging, or if they want to collect different items or party members. Returning to an area will put the player right back where they left off, so you will never have to waste time backtracking!

While exploring each of the four areas, players will be on the lookout for a collectible called Dream Fragments. These fragments can be used to obtain some of the strongest items in the game, giving players a massive power boost for those that find all of them!

And you’re going to need it. The game’s final boss, Dream Eater, can only be fought after clearing all four areas. Dream Eater is a significant cut above the rest of the bosses in the game, so only the strongest and most well put together teams will stand a chance at defeating him in the hardest difficulties.

While we would love to go into more detail, we want to save some of the excitement for players to discover for themselves when Dream Tactics releases at the end of the year.

That being said, we’re always happy to answer any questions. Feel free to join our discord and ask us!

Thanks for reading,

Spectra Entertainment

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