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Nintendo Switch v1.1.1 Patch Notes


  • Added a new epilogue cutscene after defeating Dream Eater.

  • Completing an area will now mark all missed chests and barrels on the map.

  • The map can now be used in the ‘Endless Sands’ region of the Coral Oasis.

  • Chest completion for the Empire of Ashguard will now exclude chests that are not yet obtainable.

  • Barricades in the Empire of Ashguard will now be automatically removed when finishing a fight.

  • Minor adjustments to the wording around stat scaling.

  • Added Japanese Localization to the credits.

  • Polished Japanese localization. Updated the publisher's splash and name in the credits.


  • Reduced difficulty of Dream Eater, specifically:

    • Lowered his final phase HP by 20%.

    • Increased the stack count of Doom from 6 to 9.

    • Adjusted the variety of enemies and their stats in certain phases.

  • Reduced the HP scaling of one of the Coral Oasis bosses by 20%.

  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of enemy spawns near the end of the Crystal Caves boss fight.

  • Slightly increased enemy difficulty in the first few fights of the Dew Meadows.

  • Lowered the damage of the Dark Flame traps in the Empire of Ashguard by 33%.


  • Arcane Rifle

    • Lowered Red EP cost from 7 to 6.

  • Barrier Key

    • Now gives +2 DEF and RES.

  • Sandals of Time

    • Increased Blue EP cost from 1 to 4.

  • Marked Cards

    • Reduced Redraw Points per kill from 2 to 1.

    • Reduced Blue EP cost from 4 to 3.

  • Lucky Star

    • Reduced the LUK scaling of Star Slam from 100% to 80%.


  • Cheat

    • No longer draws 1 card on discard.

  • Dagger Throw

    • Now scales with 60 STR and DEX.

  • Shuriken

    • Now scales with 50 DEX and AGI.

  • Head Shot

    • Now gives +3% CRIT per Rose stack, instead of modifying the card's base critical hit chance.

  • Melee (Summon Nightmare)

    • Increased STR scaling from 80 to 100.

  • Assassinate

    • Decreased LUK scaling from 100 to 80.

  • Clone

    • Decoy now increases damage taken by 100% (from 50%).

Art Improvements

  • Polished a variety of pillow profiles.

  • Fixed collision issues on various levels that previously caused players to get stuck.

  • Improved the sorting behaviour of players underneath roofs in the Crystal Caves.

  • Improved the train's placement in the Crystal Caves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a variety of crashes when loading in-combat saves.

  • Fixed a crash caused by Grenade Pillow using Flashbang in certain situations.

  • Fixed a crash when trying to unequip a Dream Fragment while playing the game in Japanese.

  • Fixed a bug where units with Phasing could get removed from combat when traps triggered underneath them.

  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect amount of EXP was being awarded.

    • All existing save files will be automatically updated to the correct EXP & Level values.

    • Completing all of the fights will now bring units to level 50.

  • Prevented a crash when using Flint Axe or Fire-starter Suit in complex scenarios.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when opening the Cards UI.

  • Fixed a rare crash when playing cards in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bad interaction with large enemies and traps that would sometimes cause players to become unselectable.

  • Fixed a bug where Boss enemies affected by Freeze could not be damaged.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to skip the boss fight in the Kingdom of Grandia.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to progress without collecting the bomb in the Crystal Caves.

  • Cascading Frost no longer shows that it will hit allies.

  • Fixed a crash when using Axe Pillow's attack card directly on himself.

  • Fixed a softlock in Dream Eater's fight when loading an in-combat save.

  • Fixed a bug where Thermometer and Friendly Fire did not affect the damage of Reignite or Wild Fire.

  • Fixed a bug where teleporting the party in combat could overwrite units that were there previously.

  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Bracers did not apply when refreshing status effects with a 1 turn duration.

  • Fixed a bug where duplicate controls were present when inspecting cards while fielding units.

  • Fixed rounding errors in stat scaling when using Heartwood Bow.

  • Fixed a potential crash when using Cold Snap.

  • Fixed a potential crash when failing a fight.

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by pressing the left/right bumpers while selecting a target.

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